Christine Sullivan - Founder - Senior Designer

Christine is the founder of creative home design group and the lead interior designer of Creative Home Design Group. As a young girl, she felt uncomfortable in the homes of her family that were professionally designed but had that museum feel. I think a lot of us grew up with that 'look but don't touch' home where even the living room was roped off for special occasions", laughed Christine.

When Christine grew up and found herself in a home of her own, she was inspired to break loose from the 'museum" like feel and create a home that was laced with elegant style, comfort, beauty and peace. Family and friends were amazed at her natural talent to create spaces that were not only beautiful but inviting and joyous to all. Before she knew it, she was being asked by friends and family to assist them in making their design dreams come true. 

It did not take Christine long to realize that Interior design was more that just a hobby- it was a passion. Christine believes no matter the size of the home or the space, the design should always reflect the individual or family that lives there while providing a warm and inviting environment. Every home and family is unique , she enjoys adapting herself from project to project making each home one-of-a-kind, evoking a sense of joy and love in every space! 

She takes great pride in transforming the ordinary into extraordinary. Christine's passion shows in her work- although she doesn't like to call it work. "My grandfather used to tell me that you'll never work a day in your life if you love what you do, and that is exactly how I feel." exclaims Christine. 

At Creative Home Design Group, Christine instills the belief that understanding the clients vision is the most important aspect of the whole design in order to achieve a functional, beautiful and well thought out space. 

Today, Christine specializes in ground up builds, major renovations and turn-key interior design. As an added benefit, she is a licensed realtor, helping her clients find investment properties or a new home to renovate or build upon. Clients of Christine do not have to look very far for renovations or builds, as she maintains trusted relationships with some of the most prominent builders and architects in South Florida.  


Laura Kay - Professional Organizer/Senior Design Assistant

Our Professional Organizer, Laura Kay, provides hands-on help streamlining your life and spaces - making room for what you love most. From organizing closets to kitchens, playrooms to workrooms, entire homes or that one area you need help with, whether it’s preparing for remodel, packing up and unpacking, or helping you sort and de-clutter, Laura can work alone or beside you in creating the organization you’re looking for.

“As a Professional Organizer, I’m very grateful for each and every opportunity to do what I love - helping our clients make room in their lives for peace, tranquility and joy by providing hands-on help in organizing home and office spaces, creating efficient home and work flows, and coordinating projects, all while providing heartfelt encouragement and support along the way.” 

Creating functional organizing solutions with you that integrate the beauty and style of your space and taste is Laura’s passion. Along with her attention to detail as a Professional Organizer, and with her Graphic Design background, Laura provides elegant solutions that include custom details, adding to your overall design outcome as envisioned by you and created by Creative Home Design Group.

In addition to offering our clients her professional organizing service as an add-on to our design services, Laura keeps us here at CHDG organized and on track with our projects. Her attention to detail is one that we just could not live without! You'll find Laura behind the scenes and also on the job sites, where she assists in implementing our designs with the same care and attention that went into creating your dream spaces. 

Christine and Laura have worked together for almost 2 decades. Of the many compliments we receive for our projects, we hear again and again that our attention to details separates us from the pack. While we're not mindreaders, it might seem that way sometimes - as our lead designer 'reads' our clients minds, Laura 'reads' our designer's minds, making projects seamless and on target! We couldn't be more grateful for Laura, her heart, her passions and her dedication to perfection! 

Laura's path to serving clients as a Home + Office Professional Organizer includes diverse and broad experience: Graphic Designer, Project Manager, Workflow Analyst, Event Planner and Real Estate Agent. Laura loves reading, movies, boating and traveling. She also creates the most amazing custom designed goodie bags and gift baskets for parties and events!


Whitney Levy -Project Manager

Whitney joined our team as our project manager recently. She started out working in the special events field, producing large scale events. While working on these events she realized she had a knack for organization and project management which has served her well throughout her successful career. 

When it was time to make a big move from Miami to Boca Raton buying a house became priority number one. Through the process of buying a home and renovating it room by room Whitney’s hobby for design soon became a passion.

Whitney combines her project management skills and her passion for design at Creative Home Design Group with great enthusiasm. In addition to Whitneys outrageous knack for project managment and organization, she is truly gifted in communication, and keeping all Christine's designs implemented on time, as well as pays close attention to detail with regard to budget managment, and has an incredible eye for one of a kind design.


We are truly grateful for what whitney has already brought to our team! Our clients are grateful for her attention to detail and strong communication skills, she doesn't miss a beat; helping to make the design process as seamless as possible. 

When Whitney is not working hard at CHDG, she's an amazing mother to her two beautiful children, a dedicated loving wife as well as a strength to her entire family. She loves cooking, family time, entertaining , and making everything around her meticulously beautiful!  


Makayla - Jr. Design Assistant

Makayla, Christine's daughter, discovered her natural ability to scale floor plans and design layouts at a very young age. Growing up on construction sites, its no foreign language to be able to read and understand  a full set of plans, alongside with her Mother.  

Although, Makayla's true passion lies in graduating college with her M.D. in pediatrics in order to help and heal children of all ailments and disease; she continues to support the clients and her mothers' drive to create their vision. With great care and detail, Makayla has a natural talent to see detail and fashion forward design. 

We are grateful to have Makayla on board as a Jr. assistant, now through her future journey into the medical field and so are our clients, for her nurturing , selfless abilities and dedicated work. 

You will find Makayla running errands, scaling floor plans, answering the phones and supporting the team in anyway she can. When Makayla is not at school or assisting at CHDG, you will find her reading a book, surfing, cooking or riding her horse with her Dad.